Mushrooms are one of the most popular hallucinogenic substances in the last decade. However, the knowledge about its effects and its use in some religious practices date back thousands of years. Many mushrooms can be found, each with different physical and chemical characteristics. However, the most popular ones stand out for the type of effects they produce and for the ease they offer when sowing.

An example of this is the golden master variety, a favorite among psychonauts and growers. Being a species with very productive spores, they have a great yield. This species’ effects are quite intense but appear gradually, making it perfect for those just starting in the world of hallucinogenic mushrooms.
This mushroom belongs to the psilocybe cubensis family, which produces two substances that cause the hallucinogenic effect of these fungi; psilocybin and psilocin. This is one of the main varieties that you can find in any planting kits, although with the name by which it is more popularly known: golden teacher.
Golden teacher benefits
Apart from its high productivity, which has made it the favorite of growers, this mushroom has intense effects but does not greatly impact beginners. These effects can produce very powerful hallucinations without a bad trip.
As already mentioned, the substances involved in the processes are psilocin and psilocybin, which act on the nervous system producing altered states of consciousness and visual and auditory hallucinations. These mushrooms are widely used in shamanic rituals to create a psychic-spiritual connection with the universe.
The visionary dream state is that shamans can contact beings from other dimensions, expanding their spiritual capacities.
The growkit
With this simple kit, you can have a prosperous long-lasting master mushroom grow at home without much effort. As you already know, these mushrooms are one of the most productive. Also, the substrate is ready and prepared with enough spores so that in less than a week, you will have the first harvest of these mushrooms, and with them, you can start a new one so that you can have a personal supply of hallucinogens.

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