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X18 Super Pocket Bike Videos



Videos of more X18's, X19's and X15 Super Pocket Bikes from people across the world. You get a sense of scale, and how much fun these x18 and X19 Pocket Bikes are. If you see your video here and don't want us displaying it, please contact us and we will remove it.

X18 Super Pocket Bikes


X18 Super Pocket Bikes doing awesome wheelies


X18 and X19 Super Pocket Bikes - Wheelies


X18 Burnout



Parking Lot Racing - Stock X18 vs. Modified X7


X18 Wheelie & Burnout


X18 Drive By

X18 Walkaround

63 MPH run against an F150


X18 Drive By


X18 Track Footage


Modified X18 Super Pocket Bikes

Turbo NOS modification


Modified X18 on Nitrous going 73 MPH!

Modified X18 on Nitrous going 92 MPH!


235 lb rider going over 90 MPH on a modified X18


X19 Super Pocket Bike Videos

X19 Super Pocket Bike


X19 S2 walk around while idling


x 19 wheelie


X19 Super Pocket Bike

X15 Super Pocket Bike Videos

Learning Wheelies on the X15

 How To Build a 50 MPH Electric Bike

50 MPH on the street!


Many of our customers also CUSTOM PAINT their bikes.

Check out this X18 customized in CANDY APPLE RED with HOUSE OF COLOR KAMELEON Flames








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